A ``POP``ular way to Fundraise!

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Great for schools, sports teams, church groups, and other organizations. Our program is great for groups of all sizes.

Our selling items begin at around 35% payback of sales to your group as profit with some items even reaching 50% profit. The program gives your sellers the opportunity to sell “exclusive” sizes and flavors of our best selling popcorn and fudge as well as our popcorn balls. The lowest priced item is just $4.00 so most everyone can afford to purchase from the program, this way your sellers can get more Yes’s instead of No’s.

We are proud to now offer online sales to support your fundraising efforts as well. When starting up your program, you will receive a group code to share with your team. When people want to order online to support your team, they will do so by clicking the link below and entering the group code that you provide.

Your group can sell for as long as you wish. When you are done selling, you turn in the totals per flavor sold and we custom make your order once it is fully paid to us via cash or check. The turn-around is usually 6-10 days, then you can sort and disperse the individual orders to your customers. There are no start up costs involved and you get to keep your profit money in your hands instead of experiencing a waiting period of time to receive a profit check back from our company. If you can send us tax exemption paperwork, we can waive the tax at the reconciling point as well. All online sales will be reconciled at the end and those funds will be disbursed at a later time.

Due to the peak seasonality of our business, we do require all fundraisers to be completed no later than November 5th each year.

Please call or email us with more questions about our program and we can assist you with getting started.

Kirsten – 316-239-1189


Eligible Fundraiser Items

**NOTE** All fundraiser items are ONLY for Shipped to the provided address. Pickup is unavailable. 

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